Engineering Innovations

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Benjamin Franklin's Work in London

London, England

Benjamin Franklin lived for 16 years in a house on Craven St., London, and in that time performed many of his most famous experiments.
Bergen County Steam Collection

Paramus, NJ

A collection of operational steam engines and auxiliary equipment from the 19th century to the 1940s.
Bethlehem Waterworks

Bethlehem, PA

The first known pumping system providing drinking and wash water in the North American colonies.
BF Clyde's Cider Mill

Old Mystic, CT

The oldest steam powdered cider mill in the US. A rare survivor of a once-commonplace rural US industry.
Bidwell Bar Suspension Bridge

Oroville, CA

The Bidwell Bar Suspension Bridge over the Feather River was one of several suspension bridges built in the region in the 1850s, and is the only one that remains.
Big Brutus Mine Shovel

West Mineral, KS

One of the world's largest power shovels.
Birome Ballpoint Pen Collection

Buenos Aires

First ballpoint pens; utilized the concept of a quick-drying ink whose flow is controlled by gravity and a metal ball housed in a socket.
Birthplace of the Internet

Mountain View, CA

At 10:30 p.m., 29 October 1969, the first ARPANET message was sent from UCLA to the Stanford Research Institute, an action which is seen today as the birth of the Internet.
Birthplace of the SPICE Circuit Simulation Program

Berkeley, CA

SPICE was the first computer program for simulating the performance of integrated circuits that was readily available to undergraduate students for study of integrated circuit...
Blenheim Bridge

Gilboa, NY

Built 1855, the Blenheim Bridge was the longest (210 ft) bridge of its kind in the world. This record clear span was achieved by an ingenious interlocking of truss and arch action...
Blimp Hangars

Irvine, CA

These blimp hangars constructed in 1943 remain the largest clear span wooden structures in the world. They demonstrate civil engineering ingenuity in response to a wartime...
Blood Heat Exchanger

Buffalo, NY

The first commercial human-blood heat exchanger for controlling hyperthermic temperatures during open-heart surgery.
Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Mountains, VA

Begun in 1935, this 469-mile scenic highway was, at the time, the longest road ever planned as a single unit in the United States.
Boeing 367-80 (Prototype for Boeing 707)

Chantilly, VA

Bollman Truss Bridge

Savage, MD

The noted Baltimore bridge engineer Wendel Bollman built this eighty foot double truss span in 1869. It is the only remaining example of a patented design that was used...
Bonneville Dam, Columbia River System

Portland, OR

This structure was the first Federal dam of 55 major hydroelectric projects on the Columbia River. They constitute the largest hydroelectric system worldwide and have contributed...
Book "Experiments and Observations on Electricity" by Benjamin Franklin

Philadelphia, PA

A collection of letters to London's Peter Collinson, it described Franklin's ideas about the nature of electricity and how electrical devices worked, and new experiments...
Borden Base Line

South Deerfield, MA

Completed in 1831, the Borden Base Line of over 39,000 feet remains today an outstanding achievement in precision measurements made possible through the care and inventiveness of...
Boston Subway

Boston, MA

Open for service in 1897, this subway was the first in North America and, as an engineering innovation, became the prototype for other urban mass transit subway systems in the...
Boyden Hydraulic Turbines

Cohoes, NY

Two of the oldest surviving water turbines, probably the largest and nearly the most powerful ever built in the United States for mechanical drive.