Engineering Innovations

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Cornwall Iron Furnace

Lebanon, PA

Typical 19th-century US charcoal-fueled blast furnace, fully intact.
Cortland Street Drawbridge

Chicago, IL

Completed in 1902 and still in use, this trunnion-bascule highway bridge was the first of its kind and became the model for this type of urban transportation structure.
County Kerry Transatlantic Cable Stations

County Kerry

The successful landing at Heart's Content, Newfoundland on July 27 established a permanent electrical communications link that altered for all time personal, commercial and...
Craigellachie Bridge

Aberlour, Moray

This elegant 150 ft span cast iron arch was erected in August-September 1814. It is the earliest surviving example of a new portable lattice-braced standard type developed for use...
Cranetown Triangulation Site

Essex County, NJ

The work carried out in this project helped establish a complex grid of geodetic reference points on which much of our land- and sea-based navigation now depends.
Creusot Steam Hammer

Le Creusot

The most powerful steam hammer in the world for many years.
Croton Water Supply System

New York, NY

This system was the most outstanding municipal water supply system in the United States and the prototype for many large scale projects that followed.
Crown Cork and Soda Filling Machine

Essex, MD

One of two surviving automated machines that founded the bottling industry.
Crozet's Blue Ridge Tunnel

Waynesboro, VA

This 4,270-foot tunnel, completed in 1858, represents the culmination of civil engineering technology based on manual drilling methods. Designed and built by Claude Crozet, it was...
Cruquius Pumping Station


19th-century steam pumping station that drained the Haarlemmermeer.
Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railway

Antonito, CO

This railroad, constructed between 1879 and 1880, is a conjunctive part of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad. It is sixty-four miles in length and is now one of the...
David Taylor Model Basin

Bethesda, MD

Among the world's largest test facilities for the development of ship design.
Davis Island Lock and Dam

McKees Rocks, PA

The Davis Island Lock & Dam project was the first lock and dam ever constructed on the Ohio River. It was also the first rolling lock gates, the largest movable dam built in...
Decew Falls Hydro-Electric Plant

Niagara, Ontario

The Decew Falls Hydro-Electric Development was a pioneering project in the generation and transmission of electrical energy at higher voltages and at greater distances in Canada.
Deciphering the Genetic Code

Bethesda, MD

Interpreting the language of the genetic code was the work of Marshall Nirenberg and his colleagues at the National Institutes of Health. Their careful work, conducted in the...
Delaware Aqueduct of the Delaware & Hudson Canal

Minisink Ford, NY

This span is John A. Roebling's earliest, still-standing suspension bridge and perhaps the oldest existing cable suspension bridge in the world (that retains its original...
Delta Air Lines’ Original 1940s Buildings

Atlanta, GA

The 1940s Delta Air Line buildings serve as important artifacts of the historic conviction that air commerce would become one of the main engines of America’s economic prosperity.
Demonstration of Practical Telegraphy

Morristown, NJ

In January 1838, Samuel F. B. Morse and Alfred Vail first demonstrated publicly crucial elements of their telegraph system, using instruments that Vail had constructed during the...
Denison Dam

Denison, TX

This was the largest rolled-earth fill dam in the United States when it was constructed from 1939 to 1943.
Detroit Edison District Heating System

Detroit, MI

Early example of typical US district heating plant.